China – Climate Smart Staple Crop Production : environmental assessment (Vol. 4 of 5) : Pest management plan | The World Bank

The objective of the Climate Smart Staple Crop Production for China is to promote climate smart and sustainable crop production through identification, piloting, and promotion of low emission and soil carbon sequestration production techniques and practices. Negative impacts include: noise pollution, waste management, soil erosion, water pollution, dust, air pollution, and loss of ecology. Mitigation measures include: a) noise from haulage vehicles may impact to environmental sensitive points. Therefore, contractors should improve its worker’ environmental awareness, get to know folk-custom of local people, arrange appropriate haulage time. When passing through local residential quarters and environmental sensitive point, drives should reduce the driving speed and stop whistling to prevent and reduce noise impact; b) wastewater from vehicle washing, site cleansing, building materials cleansing, concrete curing, sands and stone washing should be collected, directed to a sedimentation trap after dilution. The treated effluent should be fully recycled for various cleansings at the site; c) management on construction site should be strengthened, soil conservancy measures should be well taken at stockpile site to avoid impact of erosion from stockpiles on environment; and d) construction debris, together with other components, should be comprehensively utilized. Surplus of them should be stockpiled and, based on the construction schedule, transferred to the town landfill sites for final disposal.


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