Tower designed by Solar Wind Energy Inc to convert desert heat into electricity | urban news digest

The tallest structure in North America is set to be the US $1.5 billion project designed by the Solar Wind Energy Tower Inc. The building would be a 686 meter tower located in SanLuis, Arizona that would convert the desert heat into a draft that could be in turn used to produce electricity. The tower mists water at its top, that leads to the air being cooled and becoming heavier. The draft that is created as the cool air sinks is then driven through turbines at the tower’s base. This force then helps to generate electricity. The tower resembles a nuclear plant cooling structure and has the potential of generating energy at 435 megawatt-hours over the duration of a year. The city council of San Luis has given the green signal for the project and would also be providing the water necessary for its operations.

The location was chosen after much analysis using software that calculated the energy production potential of the site. Local weather data was utilized to estimate the acreage and dimension specifications as well as financial considerations for the tower.

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