Documentary shows impact of tourism on Barcelona | urban news digest

A recently released documentary entitled ‘Bye Bye Barcelona’ provides insight into the adverse aspects of tourism as experienced by the locals. In spite of an array of restaurants, food joints and souvenir shops, often service to visitors is preferred over locals, thus disrupting ordinary, daily functioning of the city.

Barcelona offers high art, safety and security, exciting nightlife and beaches. It is a magnet for attracting large crowds and tourism-oriented business. This nonetheless comes at a cost as the city becomes standardized instead of expressing its local flavour more so. This is intensified as working-class areas like El Born and La Barceloneta have been converted into tourist hotspots thus causing displacement of locals.

The long-term residents who have shared their opinions and stories through the documentary, are in favour of a revised policy by the city government that creates more equitable conditions and the right balance for both tourists and locals alike.

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